This statement is based on the "Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors - 2011" and the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scientific Publishing, Version 3.

  • Editors' Responsibilities: Journal editors decide whether the submissions are eligible and whether they will be published. When making this decision, the editors decide not according to the race, gender, belief, nationality, political opinion of the author or authors, but based on the relevance, originality and importance of the article to the journal's editorial policy. Journal editors cannot share personal information about the application with third parties (referees, scientific board members, publishers, etc.). Editor or referees cannot use the rejected or in the process of publication in their own research without the written permission of the author.
  • Responsibilities of Referees: Referees support the editorial board in checking the application's suitability for publication. Referees should try to be fair, impartial and constructive when evaluating submitted work. Reviewers provide suggestions to authors to improve articles and eliminate potential errors. When referees feel inadequate about their application submitted for review or are unable to complete the review on time, they should inform the editor. It is the responsibility of the referees to ensure the security of the information and ideas contained in the applications. They cannot share them with third parties or use them for their own research.
  • Authors' Responsibilities: Studies based on fake / fraudulent data are not accepted. Authors must guarantee the accuracy and originality of the data. If the work contains a human element, the approval of the appropriate institutional authorities should be obtained and the permission of the persons participating in the study should be obtained. Written permission must be obtained from the relevant institution or persons for the copyrighted "data collection tool, table, graph, map and other visuals" belonging to third parties used in the study. During the article submission process, the conditions specified in the Application List and accepted by the responsible author who submitted the article are deemed to have been accepted by other authors. All authors who made a meaningful contribution to the article should be included as co-authors. Non-contributors are not eligible to be included in the list of co-authors and this will not be tolerated. Authors should agree to make reasonable renewals recommended by our journal's referees and editors. If the author refuses to renew without acceptable reasons, the submitted article will be rejected. All authors are required to correct errors in the submitted article and to withdraw incorrect information.


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Transparency and Best Practice Principles in Scientific Publishing, Version 3.