1. Before submitting the article to the journal, it is recommended that you review the "Editorial Rules", "Publication Policy", "Copyright", "Authors' Responsibilities", "Open Access Policy" and "License Terms".

  2. The article evaluation process is as follows.

  • Appointment of an editor for the article,

  • Initial review [rejection or further evaluation] on the suitability of the work submitted by the appointed editor,

  • Similarity check [rejection or further evaluation],

  • Review by the Writing and Language Editors [revision or further evaluation],

  • Appointment of referees according to double blind arbitration practice [revision, rejection or acceptance],

  • In cases where one of the referee reports is positive and the other is negative, the article is sent to a third referee,

  • Articles requested by the referees for correction are sent back to their authors. The time given to the authors for revision is 2 weeks for minor revisions and 4 weeks for major revisions. The works of the authors who do not return within the specified period are removed from the publication.

  • The researches whose evaluation process is completed are published in the first following issues according to the broadcast schedule,

  • No royalty fee is paid to the author / authors for published articles,

  • Editor appointment and initial review are usually done within a few days. The spelling and language check process usually takes 2 weeks, and the referee reports can take 2-4 weeks to complete. 

  • Requests for changing the order of authors, deleting or adding authors after submission are subject to the approval of the journal editors. Application should be made with an appropriate petition containing this request and signed by all authors,

  • Retraction of an article will only be allowed for the most compelling and unavoidable reasons. In order for an article to be withdrawn, the journal's contact address must be submitted for a retraction letter signed by all authors. The author (s) should not assume that their manuscripts have been retracted until they receive appropriate notification on this matter.